Anna Lundberg, Founder of Crocus Communication, Wolf Leaders Academy and One Step Outside Coaching

John Chao,  Founder of Facentials Skin Care

Serena is the real deal. She took time to understand how and why I started my company. She asked me questions to help flesh out who my consumers are and why they buy my products...at the end of our conversation, I was excited to try out her suggestions. I can't wait to talk to her again. It will be the first of many calls.

101 Coaching - Jan 5, 2016 - New York – US

Joe Tangney,
Founder of The Filthy Pig Soap www.filthypigsoap.com

Great call! Serena is very knowledgeable and had excellent insight for us. We feel much clearer about what our next steps need to be. Looking forward to our next call with her!

101 Coaching - Mar 12, 2016 San Diego - US

Lucille Splichal,
Co-Founder at Venupia R&D LLC

I'm really happy with the huge insights and action plan I have come away with from just one call with Serena. She has a wealth of knowledge and provided extensive advice and ideas for the research, development, and marketing of my product and business, which has really helped me to clarify and narrow down my focus. She constructively challenged some of my ideas and provided really helpful feedback and suggestions. I look forward to our next call!

101 Coaching - Jun 28, 2016 New Zeland

Kate Davies,
Founder - Natural Teeth Whitening & Oral Detox System

Today's call with Serena was terrific! Serena helped lay out some very compelling use cases for my app, which brought a more defined angle to discovering the value proposition in solving problems for my potential users and partnerships. Her recommendations on how to monetize the app were stellar as well and the roadmap to go from here was very clear and informative. We will talk again soon, Serena! Thanks!

101 Coaching - Houston, Texas Jun 7, 2016

Felix Cao,
Founder of an App Startup

Serena is a great mentor, she provided me with valuable insights about the market & helped me to have a better picture for my target groups, Looking forward to my next call with her.

101 Coaching - Mar 31, 2016 Alexandria, Egypt

Ahmed Mohsen,
Founder of a beauty & grooming e-commerce site

I reported to Serena in the European division of Fragrance Distributors Operations of P&G. As soon as she arrived in this role, she established a strong partnership with me and leveraged her strategic thinking and creativity to enable me to find new solutions and efficient ways to achieve ambitious targets and deadlines. Externally focused by nature, Serena is passionate about business in a way that feeds on analytical skills but thrives with instinct and new ideas. Her leadership style of 'aligned freedom' enabled us to create new growth models for our biggest brand and establish innovative capabilities partnering with small external companies beyond the traditional ways familiar to the P&G world.

Mathias Avramov,
Head of Marketing - Export Europe Luxury fragrances & skin care portolio

I have worked with Serena as part of the Prestige Distributor Export team and always appreciated her entrepreneurial approach. In my experience, she has excellent leadership skills and knows how to turn strategies into real plans internally as well as externally. She is very inspirational, a 'go-getter' with a strong character yet always driven thru a 'team' mind-set.

Linda Leroy,
Market Strategy & Planning, Greater Europe Distributor Business - Prestige & Cosmetics

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